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A Teacher-On-Call Must Have! (a book review for Kari-Lynn Winters)

As a teacher, parent, and writer, I’m always on the hunt for an indispensable resource. It’s what I pack if my day is going to contain anything unpredictable: a new teaching situation, the hook to launching a unit, an unexpected … Continue reading

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Since You Asked…

When do you write? I write when my kids are in bed or before they awake and usually after I’ve just completed a major project: report cards, school concert, or filing my taxes!   I had a major rewrite for WHTS? due this … Continue reading

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Emily Carr, the Writer

For our school’s Centennial celebration this week, the teachers have transformed their rooms into decade rooms.  In one of my classrooms, Anne and I were assigned 1910 – 1939.  We tried to recreate how the rooms might have looked seventy to a hundred years ago.  We … Continue reading

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Sam and Nate (Orca, 2005) Lesson Ideas

Pre-Reading Idea: Using the strategy of Think-Pair-Share, have students reflect on where they have met their closest friends.  How did they become friends?  Was it an easy process or a bumpy one?  Have students brainstorm what qualities make up a … Continue reading

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