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California CoastMy blog has been quiet for one very good reason: I am in the most creative and chaotic writing period of my life!

Over the last year, I have been writing a new YA trilogy.  I’ve brought the first book through three edits with insight from editor and author, Alison Acheson (check out her writing courses and editing services in my blogroll or at alisonacheson.com).  I am currently over halfway through book two and I feel the last book clamouring to be out by the end of the year.  This is an exciting process for me with several learning curves, the least of which: how to write a trilogy.  For example, when I submitted my first draft to Alison, I thought it was actually book one.  What a muddle!  Alison convinced me that I had written actually two books. So I cut the first draft in half, and have added over a hundred pages to each portion.  I have deeply enjoyed the opportunity to further develop story twists and characters in this setting.

But I need your help!  So here’s my question: in your opinion, what story, movie, or book is the best example of a believable love story?  By believable, I mean that the author has crafted a relationship which contains elements that would make a lasting, healthy, and loving relationship.

For example, my vote goes to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  I think Austen took time to build full disclosure between Elizabeth and Darcy, long before there was a kiss and a future.  Sure, there would still be misunderstandings and squabbles along the way, but somehow I buy that Mr. and Mrs. Darcy wouldn’t need the services of a Family Law Attorney, unless it was to help out poor Lydia!  And your vote goes to…?


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  1. Darlene says:

    Great news that you are working so diligently on a trilogy. I vote for Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy as well. I also think Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables) is a believeable love story. Good luck. I look forward to your trilogy.

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