My Jerry Maguire Moment

This was my evening:
1) Wait for a press conference announcing whether BC Teacher’s would strike. Check other news stories.
2) Stay up late to blog. Inspiration strikes and I combo two different news stories together.
3) Press “send.” Time? 2:30 am. Toss and turn. Can’t sleep.
4) Wake up feeling a bit like Jerry Maguire. Mutter while washing face: “What was I thinking? It was only a mission statement! Did I really just break the cardinal rule of writing non-fiction? I’m supposed to sleep on it, edit the next few days and if I still like it, consider sending it off. (The rule of writing fiction is the same except instead of days, substitute months or years, depending on the length of your work.)
5) Wake up to find my Inbox is empty; a very good sign. Story has been rejected.
6) Check online newspaper: My blog is on the front cover!
7) Blow into a paper bag. Then put paper bag on head and go to work.

Here are some links of my foray into blogging about non-fiction issues, particularly classroom life and defending public schools.


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