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If Students Were Money and Schools Were Banks…

If Students were Money and Schools were Banks… Then Teachers would be Long-Term Investment Managers! Job Posting: Long-Term Investment Managers (a.k.a. “Teachers”) Contract Dates: August 15 – June 30 Prerequisites: 5 years post-secondary (minimum) which must include a year of … Continue reading

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Artis Should Shine Hope on Current Political Situations

When was the last time you watched a relationship drama that had you on the edge of your seat and gave you a solid sense of a gripping, current political setting? Lately, I’ve found myself enjoying Classic films and a … Continue reading

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My Jerry Maguire Moment

This was my evening: 1) Wait for a press conference announcing whether BC Teacher’s would strike. Check other news stories. 2) Stay up late to blog. Inspiration strikes and I combo two different news stories together. 3) Press “send.” Time? … Continue reading

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Lost Words as Treasure

Before the strike, I was cleaning out my classroom files and found something I thought I’d lost: the photocopied page of a book I’d reserved in the Reference Section of the SFU library, way back when.  I still remember the lightning … Continue reading

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This Morning’s Miracle

“Can I read you the rest of my story, Mom?” It’s five-thirty and I’m waiting for the truck to warm up, defrost on high.  It’s a foggy morning and my blurry, pre-dawn thoughts are focused on staying awake more than … Continue reading

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Discovering the Productivity of Fallow

So, summers off?  Is that when you write? That’s always the plan but by definition summer is becoming my least productive time.  For the last two years, I’ve averaged about a page per day while “working” (’cause you know Momma’s … Continue reading

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The Walking Read

I’m counting the nights until the CWILL gala on Friday, June 14.  I’ll be Anne of Green Gables in honor of my late grandmother, Katherine.  “You should try reading Lucy Maud Montgomery,” she’d told me, with a mischievous twinkle in her … Continue reading

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