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You might not agree, and maybe I don’t either, but this quote sure got me thinking….

If Students Were Money and Schools Were Banks…

If Students were Money and Schools were Banks… Then Teachers would be Long-Term Investment Managers! Job Posting: Long-Term Investment Managers (a.k.a. “Teachers”) Contract Dates: August 15 – June 30 Prerequisites: 5 years post-secondary (minimum) which must include a year of … Continue reading

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Recent Interview in Writer’s Web Workshop Newsletter

Follow the link in the blogroll to read my interview with Alison Acheson in her July 2011 issue of Writer’s Web Workshop Newsletter.  She is the acclaimed author of a variety of books, including Molly’s Cue, Mud Girl, Grandpa’s Music, Half-Pipe Poet, and Thunder Ice.  She has … Continue reading

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Since You Asked…

When do you write? I write when my kids are in bed or before they awake and usually after I’ve just completed a major project: report cards, school concert, or filing my taxes!   I had a major rewrite for WHTS? due this … Continue reading

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Emily Carr, the Writer

For our school’s Centennial celebration this week, the teachers have transformed their rooms into decade rooms.  In one of my classrooms, Anne and I were assigned 1910 – 1939.  We tried to recreate how the rooms might have looked seventy to a hundred years ago.  We … Continue reading

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